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Avocado Soap



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Avocado Soap

Post by Kaiyum on Thu Apr 03 2014, 22:57

In this recipe we found that using Cream and Avocado will make a good moisturizing and skin softening soap!Combined with almond oil,coconut oil and olive oil as our basic oils there is no doubt this will be on our favorites list!

  • 650g Olive Oil
  • 250g Coconut Oil
  • 100g Almond Oil
  • 172g Cream (20-25%)
  • 208g Chamomile (Used preferably instead of distilled water)
  • 144g Lye

  • 182g Avocado

We will use Avocado Oil instead of Almond and a part of Coconut Oil (Approx 200g)

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